Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Caption Contest!

It's a super special fantastic NFL COMBINE edition!

Sanchez: "And I was just like WE RUN IT MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY! And Pete Carroll was like whaaaat, and I was like YEAH!"

Stafford: "Awww man dude."

Or how about this?

Stafford: "So I ordered like four or ten whoppers, it musta been this big man, and just woofed em down."

Maybe a little bit of this?

Both: "These are some super cool shirts!"

Surely you Hobbers can do better than this. Remember; Submit your captions and tell your friends. Prizes could be in the near future if you kids can get your act together.


  1. Stafford: Really? We used to have a maid named 'Sanchez'

    [Not trying to offend anybody, Stafford grew up in an affluent part of Dallas, wear hispanic maids and white idiots are common]

  2. Sanchez: No, Matt, I don't want to go hog wrasslin'

  3. Stafford: All I can see is Ms. Geist's fat ass jigglin in my face.

    Sanchez: You have watched Varsity Blues one too many times.

  4. Stafford: Can you believe we're about to make 25 million.

    Sanchez: No.........YES

    AM I RIGHT!!!!!!!

  5. Stafford: So how did that whole sexaul thought thing work out.

    Sanchez: Well it kinda went away, but it probably cost me a year of starting, but I gue...

    Stafford: Yeah I had a sexual assault thing....EXCEPT I DIDN'T GET CAUGHT!!!!

    Sanchez: I hate you so much right now.

  6. Stafford: You know what gets all the ladies?

    Sanchez: Slightly disheveled shaggy hair?

    /high five

  7. Sanchez: You're out of shape.

    Stafford: Huh huh, I know.

  8. Stafford: Hey how did you do on the wonderlick? I think I did well.

    Sanchez: Yeah I did fine, I knew most of the answers.

    (Not Seen)
    Rhett Bomar: Oh shit that was a TEST!!!

  9. Stafford: "I saw this chick and her butt was like man"

  10. Sanchez: Shakin' it, jiggle it, who sings that track?

    /wire elitism

  11. Stafford: 5.......5 Dollar........5dollar foot longs.......5.......5 Dollar........5dollar foot longs

  12. Hung out with Stafford one time. Cool Guy.

    Never returns my phone calls, he must have gotten a new one for the draft.

  13. (off camera) Mike Patrick: are you kidding me?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Stafford: Yea I can't believe I over threw him, but it was only by about this much. no biggie.

    (off camera) Mike Patrick: HOLLLYYYYY COWWWW!!!!!!!!!!

    //patrick is a douchism

  14. VitusTinnitusHasHerpesFebruary 26, 2009 at 8:33 PM

    Is anyone gonna post a winner? My vote goes to either Icehouse's first post... the racist one... or to Brian's Subway reference. They both made me chuckle.

  15. Stafford: What was it like after Pete Carroll tea bagged you at your farewell press conference?