Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Morning Shit Storm

Bad. Ass. Superbowl. It wasn't the best ever, but I'm pretty sure it had four of the most insane plays you'll ever see in that game. See sometimes the GAME can be exciting.

But football is over, I'm going cold turkey, until this afternoon when I start thinking about the draft and tweaking an under front to accommodate quarters...there I go again.

Today's shit storm is going to deal with pork. No not the Bacon Explosion, I'm talking pork barrel spending.

We won't go into politics, but suffice it to say that some of these earmarks are downright hilarious.

(Still don't know why the Lattimer foundation for the economic advancement of Lattimer, has yet to receive any type of help)

Anyway I was thinking, what would it look like if we started earmarking sports.

For Example: If I was in power I would most definitely set aside $20 Million for Virginia Tech football passing game development.

Don't get me wrong play action passes and "throw to the fast guy" are cool, but we could use a little help.

So for the shit storm, imagine we have a bill, and we want to stuff that thing with as much sports pork as possible.

What we need:
1. Amount of money.
2. Sports related.
3. Purpose. (make up a foundation or something)

And as always take your flame wars elsewhere.

Ok, let's earmark this mother.


  1. $100 million to the St. Louis Cardinals foundation to sign Man Ram to a 4 year deal.

  2. $1 billion.

    City of Arlington, TX.

    1 Stadium

  3. 50 million to the New York Yankees to learn how to pitch a baseball

  4. $50 million a year for the next decade.


    Monies needed to keep LeBron in Ohio.

  5. $60 to Michael Phelps for an eighth of an ounce of BC Bud.

    $40 for a urine-cleaning kit.

  6. $40 to the Kurt Warner Liberation from Gollum and Subsequent Nevada Roadtrip Fund

    (insert upliftingly cheesy Full House electric guitar)
    The Kurt Warner LGSNRF: Because $40 should just about do the trick.

  7. 500 Million to bring the Nets to Brooklyn and get Lebron to come to town

  8. $10 million to the Rams fund for getting rid of those shitty uniforms and going back to the royal blue/yellow look.

  9. 10 Million Dollars to the Church of Kurt Warner fund- donations will consist of "Arizona Cardinals: Superb Bowl XLIII" T-Shirts to Zimbabwe and other 3rd wold nations

  10. forgot to add "Super Bowl XLIII CHAMPIONS"

  11. $20 million to the FSU football team legal defense foundation

  12. "forgot to add "Super Bowl XLIII CHAMPIONS"

    Anon, this has nothing to do with the topic at hand, however I'm always amazed with Pittsburgh's ability to jump on and off bandwagons with F-117 stealth like ability. I'm sure you were wearing your 88 Swann jersey last night.

  13. Adding to Joe's comment. Another $20 million to FSU for the free shoes fund.

  14. I second the package for bringing the Nets to Brooklyn.

  15. 30 Mil to the Buffalo Sabres so they can get Drewery and Briere back with Vanick and Miller time

  16. I also would love to give 100 million to the St. Louis Blues stop sucking and get back to disappointing me in the playoffs foundation.

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