Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tyrus Thomas - Posterboy.

Tracy McGrady has been hated on a lot lately.

People saying things like, "His eye isn't the only thing that's lazy" and stuff like that.

With the perpetually banged-up Rockets still deep in the playoff hunt, Mac has still been hated on.

Tracy had it. He had it right up to here. He is sick and fucking tired of you all saying that he's washed up, his back is always hurt, and that he can't lead a team out of the first round of the playoffs.

Fuck you, said Mac. Fuck all of you! He needed to show all of you doubters that he still has it. That while raining silky j after silky j is fun and easy, he can still take it to the rack and flush, even with his off hand.

But that wasn't enough! It needed to be more. It needed to be poignant. Can't just beat a man and flush with the left, it needed that extra panache to show that Mac isn't perpetually hurt, hasn't gone soft.

In stepped Tyrus Thomas. T2 has made a living off of being an athletic freak with no fear. Long, strong, and with a great leaping ability, he reminded Mac of his more youthful self. It was time to shut the door on the past, thought Tracy. Time to show everybody that this, new Tracy McGrady, will not back down, not curl over and die, none of that.

He'll look the challenge right in the eye and say, "The check's in the mail."


  1. TrayTray looked like he was about to pull a gun out of his shorts Burress style after that dunk...well maybe not Burress style but he did have a look of "o motha fucka i just dunked on you, yo grand ma, yo ma, yo sister, yo girlfriend, yo daughter that you haven't had yet and made you look like such a clown you need to die dawgg"

  2. Only one of his eyes was saying that. The other one was looking at the popcorn vendor about six rows up.

  3. close, i think it was the dude sporting the "Grape Drink"

    I've seen a similar look on SunnyD commercials