Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Afternoon Fun Bag!

GO PACK! When I think of oil addiction and neofascism, I think of Georgia.

Yes. The sun is shining, the temperature is warming up. Things are looking good.

To kick things off, I'd just like to say that while we hate ESPN here, due to their monopoly, there's really not a whole lot we can do about it, but keep watching. Shitty. But Ray Romano and Tim Meadows can lampoon those assholes!

After years of research, I think I've settled on a decision. Not only is Jordan brand the shiznit as far as apparel is concerned, but I think that I love their commercials the most also.

And now, for the HOUSE OF PAIN! Below are some pretty painful videos, a little mini-theme to get us all sorts of jacked up for the weekend.

First, shit went bad in Alabama. From what I've heard, a harmless, no blood foul set this off. Meaning, either there was some bad blood before, or there was some serious merit to Chris Rock's warning of "you don't want to spend the rest of your life in jail because somebody smudged your Puma."

We can't talk about pain without including Joe Theismann and LT.

Finally, a montage of hilarity. Well, pain and hilarity.

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  1. Wait we wanted to do the house of pain? I was all confused, I could have dropped 50 videos for you.