Thursday, February 5, 2009

The hopes and dreams of your favorite team rests on the shoulders of 18 year old High Schoolers

National signing day is hilarious. Yesterday was essentially the day where every college football fan in America does one of two things.

1. Predict their National Championship Season.

2. Scream at their coach for getting the one star kid from nowhere high school USA.

The best thing about this whole process, is the fact that the analysts typically have no idea how most kids will pan out. A good book to read on this subject is (suprisingly) an ESPN book Meat Market By Bruce Feldman. It chronicles one recruiting season for Ed Orgeron while he was at Ole Miss. Anyway, the best part of the book is when it talks about how sites such as Rivals, and Scout really have no idea what is going on. Basically the two sites give star rankings based off of what type of offers a kid receives. So if Johhny Stud QB, from Generic High gets offers from places like Kentucky, the kid might get 3 stars. However, if Johnny then gets an offer from Florida, his star ranking may go up to 4 or five stars. What's the point? Well basically these sites don't bother to look at film and actually break down a kid like my main man Mike Mayock.

So, yesterday I live blogged all of the SUPER HUGE SUPER IMPORTANT SIGNINGS.


10:00 ESPN hypes this as the most important day for every team in America. 9 HOURS OF COVERAGE!!!!

10:11 Surprise surprise USC has the #1 QB, #1 DE, #1 MLB, #1 G, and #1 DB

10:20 One of the major undecided recruits is Jelani Jenkins. An OLB out of MD. This guy is in fact an insane player. Observe:

It looks like USC, Florida, ND, Penn State, and Stanford. Choose that hat wisely young Jelani.

10:30 LSU is tabbed as the #1 class in the country led by Billy B.A QB Russell Shepard, hailing from H-Town.

1st Hat alert: Sam Montgomery #2 DE. The choices: LSU, UNC, and Tennessee.
The Winner...(Sam is wearing a Grizz hat) LSU. Fine choice young man.
(Fan response) Thank god he didn't Pick UNC

10:45 Tommy Tubbs is an analyst on ESPN, and he is actually doing a great job.

Hat alert: Daryn Miles #5 safety. (tossing hats, please stop doing that) Tennessee is the winner. (he's also predicting becoming an All American next year)

Jelani update: Florida. (The kid actually seems like he has a square head on his shoulders) Urban wins again.

Pete Carroll Twitter update: "Just woke up from a short nap... Signing day is off the ground!!! Now the excitement begins!!"

Win forever Pete.

Tajh Boyd From the Hampton Roads area of VA. (AI, Vick, Vick, Curry, etc.) Goes to Clemson.
1. He was a WVU commit, and was considering Tenn. and Penn State. He's now going to Clemson (Fan response: Shit) But the guy looks solid. Good footwork, and a quick release.

2. What you didn't want to go to VaTech? We have history of a stellar passing game and developing outstanding Qb's??????

Hat alert: Frankie Telfort: #3 OLB winner is...USC

Ghost Riding intermission.



Hat Update: Manti Te'O: From Hawaii...The winner is (Betting USC)
Ohhh was I wrong Notre Dame gets the #1 OLB

Russell Shepard update: Life of a student athlete segment. Enrolls early at LSU, Rocks a mid 90's H-town hat, says the right things about academics, hits on a girl in class, eats chick-fil-e, (Jemarcus Russell?) already has groupies, says the right things about fans, gets his pump on, (nice snatch form) thanks us for watching him.

That is all.

Tommy Tuberville is in fact wearing an Under Armour lapel. Protect the house.

Ok we have some dead time so this is a great homerism spot.

Virginia Tech. Ok so everyone signed their LOI. We have the typical great RB's (We had some insane LB's last year) and some good Receivers. (Cole went to a prep school last year) However, we also got our typical 5 star guy, Logan Thomas. (Yes he was 5 stars up until 3 weeks ago) Logan is a 6'6 TE who weighs 230, and runs a 4.6. Logan also played QB in high school.

Basically Frank Beamer, you and I both know Tech will never be able to pass the ball, unless it's a bomb to one of the great WR's we get. So lets cut our losses, call a spade a spade, and run the single wing.

Think I'm crazy? We already get 9 man boxes, and all those receivers are just smoke and mirrors, everyone knows we're running it. So let's just put our athletic qb at the singlewing tailback spot, run the rock, and throw it deep every once and a while. You know Foster is going to shut things down every week. Shit, if you want to get tricky, just put in the spin series.

/end rant.

1:45 Check that. UVA just got Morgan Moses(OT). Morgan Moses is sick.
(shit shit shit shit shit shit shti shit shit shit damn shiat shit shit shit shit)
Go play LAX

I hate UVA.

/Takes deep breaths.

Hat Update: Dre Kirkpatrick #1 CB chooses Alabama over Texas, why you ask? Swagger...Texas did not have enough...swagger.

Alright lets try to wrap this up in some sensible manner.

But first a Pete Carroll update: "Busy day today...We're moving along quite nicely on Signing Day...Win Forever!"

Ok, So to sum the whole thing up:
Rivals has:
1. Alabama
2. LSU
4. USC
5. Texas

Surprise surprise. Out of those teams, I think LSU is still the winner, they seemed to get some quality players led by the Sheppard Kid.

Darkhorse: UNC. Damn, they really had a big day to round out what seems to be a solid recruiting class. In fact, it seems like the ACC in general fared pretty well.

At the end of the day, recruiting is huge, however there are so many other factors that go into making a championship caliber team. Furthermore, these kids are just 18. Think about when you were 18.

Not necessarily the most mature individual, were you?

Who knows how these kids will turn out.

To close, I basically did this liveblog to highlight what I consider the insanity that is national signing day. We complain all the time about egotistical athletes, and this is just part of the process. Yes go take those hats of other schools, toss them to the floor, and proclaim your dominance. I'm sure the LSU defenders just LOVE seeing that. let's hope you aren't on the bottom of too many piles.

With that being said, my good guy of the day was Te'O, The LB that chose ND. The guy picked up a ND hat, thanked everyone, sat down. (Honorable mention Jelani Jenkins)

Pissing Match update:
Did Tennessee steal verbal commits from Florida? Do I care?

Ok now go win some Championships!!!!


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