Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Morning S--t Storm

I try check out The Smoking Gun as much as I can, if nothing else the mugshots are entertaining.

But every once and a while, they strike gold.

Yes the Shamwow asshole got into a brawl with a prostitute because she bit his tongue and would not let go.

Made my weekend.

But I need more.

For the Shit Storm, give us the best athlete scandal/arrest/rumor. And this is a blog, so you can just make stuff up if you want.

My pick:

Mark Chmura.

I just loooooved the fact that Chboom-Chboom's was too good to visit President Clinton in 1997 after the whole Monica thing.

Fast forward to 2000. The same man who was disgusted at Clinton was accused of hosting a post prom party....where he played drinking a hot tub....with a 17 year old...who was the babysitter......OF HIS CHILDREN.

Two things happen when you mix vodka and 17 year old girls.
1. Yack city
2. Passout city.

Luckily for Mark it was #2 and he did what any upstanding man would do, take her into the bathroom and..... well those were just allegations.

Either way, great job Chmura I bet that was the best prom party in Waushuka Catholic Memorial High School history!!!



  1. Ronaldo. Three dude trannies calling the cops on you? That's a new one.

  2. Leon Smith.

    Leon Smith was drafted by the Dallas Mavericks in the first round of the '98 draft. Out of high school and from a group home in Chicago, it finally seemed like things were going his way.

    Unfortunately, he joined a team that was in substantial disarray. As he sat on the bench, he became increasingly depressed. Things came to a head when the police were called to his apartment. He had thrown a cinderblock through the windshield of a neighbor's Ford Explorer. When police entered his apartment, they found Smith in his underwear, painted green, claiming to be an "Indian fighting Columbus." He had ingested 250 Asprin in an attempt to kill himself.

    Leon lived, and was eventually paid about $2 million by the Mavs for doing little to nothing. Can't make any of this shit up.

  3. Roger Clemens has had a hard (and for me enjoyable) fall from grace.

  4. Plax. Gun. Shoot. Himself. Retarded.

    'Nuff said

  5. Ricky Williams and his Michael Phelps ways

  6. Double Burn!

    And yes, Ricky's story is worth recounting.

    Ricky Williams, fed up with the NFL not letting him play football and the fact that five babymamas were trying to get his green (money), skipped town and went to Australia.

    In Australia, an aboriginal boy told him to go to the origin of the sun, and he will meet the light. Ricky went the furthest east that he could, to a pier on the eastern coast, where he met a white rastafarian named Steven.

    Steven and Ricky became fast friends. Steven also convinced Ricky that they should buy land in India, because the nitrogen content was perfect for growing marijuana. They bought that land. While also living in a snake-infested state park in Australia, Steven convinced Ricky to cut his dreads off, put marijuana seeds in the dreads, then plant them in the ground. He did, and it was wonderful.

    Then Ricky ran out of money and started playing football again.