Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Afternoon Fun Bag!

My two heroes. Together. I didn't get the invite, I guess.

So after having a lot of the country get puked on in the form of tons of late-winter snow, it is now HOTT! HOT IN HERRE! And it's Friday. It is time to go to the fuck outside.

But anyways, for today's fun bag, something really, really weird. I didn't even know that they had handicapped hockey, but apparently it suffers from the same idiocy that regular hockey does: bloodlust.

Furthermore, who doesn't love demolition derbies? They're pretty much what cars were made for. Now this video, being some fucking cowards, won't let me embed here, but seriously. Click on it. I would totally watch Nascar if it were more like this.

We've pretty much had every Bron commercial on this site, so we might as well have this one, too. Notice Weezy not being too happy about someone dirtying up his sneaks.

Chances are, everybody's seen this. I don't particularly care, since it is still Digger Phelps getting down and dirty with some UCLA cheerleaders. Digger has all the moves.

Starbury is back with the Kid. That's pretty much all I'm going to say.

Yes. YES! No more flourescent lights or staring at a computer, reading boring ass shit all day. It's the goddamn weekend.

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  1. hell yea my hockey fight got in there.

    also, pete, i got my hands on a couple of alternate takes from the last pale light in the west. will get at you shortly.