Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Morning S--t Storm

The Hobbers are in luck today, as we will have TWO yes TWO shit storms, and one of them will last about three weeks.

That's right GRH will host its first bracket pool.

The Vitals:
Group ID=The Ghost of Roy Hobbs
ID #= 85273

If you've never done yahoo before, you'll need to make a free account before you sign in. I encourage everyone to use their Hobbs handle.

Search the ID# and then enter the password.

It's totally free, and I really have no idea what we'll do for a prize. (maybe that's next week's shit storm) This also means that we really don't care who you are sign up for that shit.

Are you from Russia? Did you randomly find the GRH? Sign the fuck up comrade.

Or should I say, Войти ебешь деятельности товарища!!!!

Ok On to the real shit storm.

I recommend you look at my previous post for hilarity.

Spring is upon us which can only mean one thing. REC LEAGUE SPORTS!!!

What better way to prove that coach who cut you in the 9th grade was wrong!!!!

So, for the Shit Storm, pick your favorite rec league sport.

My pick is Indoor Soccer.

In high school The KODIAK BEARS had a four year reign of terror on Vetta sports complex (Concord)

The best thing about our team was the simple fact that we could care less if we won.

We had two objectives:
1. Flavor
2. Penalties (the ultimate goal was to get kicked out of the game and pull a Rodman)

Our team was half really good soccer players, half enforcers.

our rap sheet includes, but is not limited to:
-going high on tackles
-excessive flopping
-constantly arguing with the ref
-excessive celebration
-drunken fan base (Kodiak Krew)
-a 21 year old head coach
-the "Flying V"
-constantly blocking for our golie to go coast to coast
-You go high on headers? We go low
-Excessive "flair"
-Trying to score a half line goal at least once per game
-Clearing the benches at the slightest sign of trouble
-Running up the score on 40 year olds

This ultimately resulted in the banning of the BEARS, and several team members are "technically" not allowed to enter the facility ever again.

Whatever I'm over it.

So let's hear the best rec league sports, stories are more than welcome.



  1. A fan for the opposing team in intramural basketball last week was kicked out for getting T'ed up....Twice. for yelling profanity (those nasty ones) at the refs. he was escorted out by campus police.