Tuesday, March 10, 2009

T.W goes on spring break

(MTV show "Real Life: I'm a Spring Breaker")

/Techno Music blaring

Narrator: Every spring thousands of coeds descend on Daytona Beach to experience the sand, the booze, and of course the skin. Some view this as a release from their daily lives, others view it as a lifestyle.

This is their story.

(Hotel room)

Narrator: This is T.W and he is a spring breaker. T.W views Daytona beach as his Mecca. Every March he takes a pilgrimage to pray to the god of partying. T.W views spring break as a lifestyle, but as we'll find out being a spring breaker also has it's difficulties.

T.W: Yeah so this is my setup, I went ahead and rented five connecting rooms, so you know we can probably fit 50-75 people in here. I named each of them, this one is mine, I call it the thunderdome, you know cause I bring the thunder. you can look at the set up here. I got the beers taking an ice bath in the tub, took that top drawer made it into a 50 bottle bar, threw up some lights on the balcony. You know I wanted this room to be classy, really wanted to make it pop.

Having this type of set up takes a lot of work, so some of my bro's rented rooms on this floor we basically have the entire floor to ourselves, so tonight we're gonna have a shot party and every room is gonna have a different shot. You know real classy, ladies like classy.

Matt: Yeah I got 10 rooms across the hall you see the one in the middle with the fathead of me on the front? Yeah we call that one "Heisman" were gonna have jello shots tonight.

T.W: Classy, that fathead really pops.

Matt: Yo Phelpsie What are you gonna have in your room tonight.

Phelps: What do you think? Goldsthlager all the way dudesth.

Matt: Nice, I like the theme there only one drink for the "Gold Room" that's hot.

Yo T.W what's the thunder dome gonna have tonight.

T.W: That's for me to know...AND THE LADIES TO FIND OUT!!! AM I RIGHT!!!

/all three hi-five and chest bump.

(Next Day at the Beach)

/all three take off affliction shirts

T.W: Last night was crazy right.

Phelps: Dudesth I was swimming in it lasth night, gave out some sthilver medalsth if you know what I mean.
/tilts trucker hat to the side

Matt: RIGHT!!!

So hey T.W how did you convince your dad to front you the money to come down here?

T.W: Told him I was doing market research analysis for the distillery.

Phelps: Niceth

T.W: I also told some of my bro's I'd do some spring training updates for their website.

Matt: so.... shouldn't you be going to some games?

T.W: Well what the hell do you want me to talk about. Ok A-Rod did roids, then he f'd up his hip. The AL east looks like a grinder. Because of Manny the Dodgers are now legit again. Both Central divisions are wide open, and the WBC is woefully irrelevant.

Matt: And your favorite team?

T.W: Ohh I don't have one, I typically wear Cubs and Red Sox hats depending on which team has more hardships. I identify with both fan bases.

/drinks self

(three hours later)

Matt: Check it out T.W is passed out!!!

Phelps: letsth bury him in the sthand

/buries T.W in sand

Matt: Phelpsie check out those fly honey nut cheerios!!!

Phelpsie, you want to do the 1500 meter medley?


(3 hours later)

T.W: OH what the hell.

To be continued...maybe

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