Monday, February 22, 2010

Round Rock Express fans show their patriotism

The fans of Houston Astros AAA affiliate, the Round Rock Express (named for their owner, Nolan Ryan) held open tryouts for our proudest tradition: singing our National Anthem before the first pitch of a baseball game.

I've never aspired to sing the Star-Spangled Banner, as I feel I would not do it justice. On the other hand, my lifelong dream has always been to celebrate our second-proudest tradition, which is to say, "This presentation may not be rebroadcast without express written consent from Major League Baseball."


  1. Oh? That video was serious. I watched the whole thing expecting the mascot to fly in and give someone a pie in the face.

  2. I just teared up a little bit. What redeeming qualities would America have left if not for the Nolan Ryans of the world? I hope Robin Ventura is broken and penniless, wherever he is.