Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Caption Contest!

Kobe: Hey Steph, who do you think is going to bang more bitches?
Marbury: I think it's going to get us both in trouble.


Kobe: So, I forced Charlotte to trade me to the Lakers.
Marbury: WE can influence the TEAM's personnel? Fascinating.

Two players whose promise was endless and whose careers took fascinating turns. What could they possibly be thinking after they just got drafted?


  1. In a shocking twist of events, Spike Lee has actually made movies based on both of these players' lives.

  2. Marbury: "You got a cast on your arm, man."

    Kobe: "You cut your hair so it looks like a butt."

    Marbury: "Not cool."

  3. One in two people have herpes, or some other STD.

  4. Kobe: "How's KG going to like you being the star of the show?"
    Marbury: "About as much as Shaq is going to like you doing the same."

    /both high five

  5. Steph: (With black sharpie) Yo man can I sign your cast?

    Kobe"...uhhh sure man, knock yourself out.

  6. For the first time in the history of the internets a spammer comment might actually make sense