Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Why in the holy hell do I like curling so much?

That's USA skip, John Shuster.

I've been watching curling as much as I can and I am absolutely glued to the TV. First off it's one of those sports that requires little commitment. What I mean is that you can be doing something else, like blogging, while you watch it and with the pace of the game you won't miss anything. Second it has huge strategy. "OMG is he going for that inside draw or is he going to kiss off the red in the house?AHHHHH There are two high yellow guards!!!! Furthermore, everyone on the team plays every role, no weak links in curling.

The second thing is that curling is surprisingly compelling. As Im watching right now USA was down 4-0 and the end of 3 THEN scored 6 CONSECUTIVE to make the score 6-4 AND SHIT AS I SPEAK THE DIRTY SWISS HAVE JUST MADE A PERFECT CURL TO TAKE A POINT AND MAKE IT 6-5 AT THE END OF 10!!!! OHHHHHH man here comes the measuring stick!!!

I think another thing has to do with the coverage of curling. You get great commentary and in the abomination known as NBC sports you get to watch, you know, THE ENTIRE EVENT!!!

Last thing, have you seen the women's curling teams? They just contribute to the depth of the hotness in the Winter Olympics.

Shuster has a chance for a wide open draw to win.

-He curls.

-Needs to pick up.



-Shit it's close measuring stick/sonar comes out. (I think the Swiss have it)

-Damn Swiss got it by a big margin. EXTRA CURLING!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. It's engrossing as all hell.

    But NBC coverage is shitty. Did they give up daytime olympics (curling excluded) for lent or something? It's beyond me why they can't hijack a couple of channels for Olympic viewing pleasure. Seriously. Nobody's watching CNBC. Just put the games on.

    Furthermore, why not show replays in primetime? That's essentially what some of them are, anyway, what with all the commercials.

    /switches the channel to soccer.