Sunday, February 28, 2010

Monday Morning S--t Storm!!!

What's up Hobbers. I've been busy lately and I know you've missed my 5,000 word rants so I decided to take this shit storming opportunity to update you on the meaningless things I've been thinking about.

Make no mistake, shit storming is hard. You guys probably think I walk around complaining about shit, which I do, but It really is hard to come up with relevant topics every week.

First up, the Olympics. For some reason this has been my favorite Olympic competition. I don't know if it's the Hockey, USA dominating, or the curling, but for some reason I think the world just needed to chill the F out and kick back for a while. It's fitting that a Canadian held Olympics would end in a great game between the ice crazed host country and their neighbors to the south. That game is going to get blown out of proportion, but it reminded me why I enjoy watching hockey. At it's best you have six guys busting their ass simply because that's the only way they know how to play the game.

The whole Tim Tebow thing has gotten a little too strong for my taste recently, but let's get some things straight. First, the whole "intangible" argument actually holds some weight in football. Sure, it gets boring hearing about how guys are winners, but the game of football is inherently different than any other point. ESPN dumb shits have been saying that Florida, and Urban Meyer in particular, have done Tebow a disservice by running a non NFL offense. I think it's time to put this into perspective. First, Tebow has won a Heisman Trophy, 2 National Championships, and may go down as one of the best College Football players. Not to mention he got his entire education paid for. So he has that going for him, which is nice. Second, while pro potential is always a selling point for college coaches, it is not THEIR job to ensure their players become HOF's. And now that I'm making fun of stupid sports writers I'd like to point out that Tom Brady operated from the shotgun in at least 80% of his snaps last year. So that whole footwork argument goes out the window especially when, you know, THE PRIMARY TOOL FOR A QB IS HIS ARM AND FOOTWORK IS SIMPLY A BI-PRODUCT OF PROPER MECHANICS. To be sure, his motion does need work....ok a lot of work, but that has nothing to do with the offense he ran in college.

I'm sorry. So back to my main point of people trying hate on Tebow. Football is a different game, you need the right kind of mind to play it, and you really can't value players, coaches, teams, etc. statistically like you can in baseball. Don't get me wrong, I love sabermetrics, but football does not provide the controlled environment like baseball. Case in point: Pac Man on paper is one of the best defensive back's we've seen for a while. Athletically he's one of a kind, in terms of football IQ (YES JUST WATCH HIM PLAY) he's up there. However, Pac Man is baby Huey. He has the maturity of a 12 year old. He literally can't handle certain situations. On the flip end you have guys like Ronnie Lott or Walter Payton who were low on the athletic end but became HOF's.

Finally some administrative stuff. We will be having our second annual NCAA bracket pool so be on the look out for that.

Shit storm begin.


  1. The one problem with the Olympics is dipshits shooting their mouths off about sports that they have no concept of. Leave that to the bloggers, assholes!

    Other than that it was pretty fantastic.

  2. If Doug Flutie could succeed, it really blows my mind that this much attention is still given to this stuff. Brian Brohm was on the cover of SI when he was 17 years old. He was the "hands down first pick of the draft" as a junior in college. Kragthorpe took over as Louisville coach, and he becomes a second day pick. Last year he got cut from Green Bay's practice squad.

  3. If you think about how many bigtime players went in very late rounds (Brady, Colston) or completely undrafted (Romo, Miles Austin), it really kind of makes the whole hype around draft day look retarded.

  4. Thanks, Xiang. Joy really does come after sorrow.

    When Canadia won, I was upset, but then I was like "Whatever, you crazy maple sucking bastards, you won." If this is what it takes for Canadia to believe it's not absolutely dependent on the USA, I'm not losing sleep over it.

    I think Tim Tebow will be okay. I'm not going to go as far as to say he'll be okay in professional football, but when everything's all said and done, he'll be okay. He's good people.


  5. The offensive thing is that I know Mel Kiper's name not because the draft is important, but because ESPN looks at me and says, "Yes, yes, Hobson... Looks like an asshole. Mel Kiper will draw him to our advertising."

  6. Mel Kiper may or may not be dracula.

  7. Excellent points.

    I had not heard about Brohm getting cut from the practice squad and his story baffles me. He plays at Trinity, which is about as close as you can get to a pro style offense at that level. He dominates with Petrino who is distinctively "pro style" Then he gets Kragthorpe, regresses, and then gets cut in the NFL, the job he was prepared for his entire life.

    If you think about it busts happen at every level. Badass eighth graders may not even start for varsity. 5 star prospects may never see the field and then you get someone like steve slaton just dominate in college. And of course we have the Ryan Leaf's of NFL fame.

    To some degree I think coaches in the NFL think "oh I have this number one draft pick all I have to do is call a perfect play and my robo QB will complete the pass" When in reality guys are still developing at that point. There's probably also a mental thing to it. For the most part these guys have been the best at football their entire life and now they realize that everyone around them is just as good.

    Finally the teams play a huge part. In my opinion Jason Campbell is an above average pro QB but they want to run him out of town in DC. However look at who he has to work with and how many offensive systems he's had since his time there.