Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Caption Contest!

Because of the quality amount of comments we got last week, we're going to have three more pictures. Let's get it on!

Elton John: "Higher kicks, boys! Like this! HIGHER!"

Kentucky's cheerleaders are distraught that they are no longer allowed to wear their uniform's hoods.

Iverson: "Should we teach Yao how to clap?"
Nash: "No, just... just ignore it."

So yeah. Any of the pictures are up for grabs. Make with the funny!


  1. 1: After such an impressive kick, the team called John a cigarette no more.

    2: "My daddy's gon kill me! Just kill me for being in the same room with Adolph Rupp!"

    3: "NBA: Where diversity sorta happens."

  2. Mr. Iverson, you have a 34in waist... are you sure you need these pants altered to 60W40L?

  3. Yao, AI, and Steve Nash, won charades with their 'Olympic Podium' rendition.

  4. Nash: AI, Chinaman is not the preferred nomenclature.