Thursday, February 11, 2010

I hate February

Well, looks like ole Lattimer is going to be hunkered down in Ft. Lattimer because mother nature just took a giant snow shit on my area. What better way to pass the time than drinking and blogging.

Football is over, and I really don't want to talk about it but February has to be the most depressing month of the year. Football is over, the forecast is always gray with chance of depression, and at least for me baseball is still weeks away. Situated in the middle of this month is Valentines day, the most pointless holiday in the world. Regardless of whether you're single, in a relationship, or married it will ruin your shit. Single=OOOOOOOHHHHH I'M SO ALONE. Relationship=Shit I have to find some fucking gift, set up a reservation, and order flowers on top of all the other shit I have going on. Married=Uhhhh I guess we have to talk to each other. Or you could be like me and not give two shits either way.

But back to football, it figures the bastard child of a month (28 days?) would produce this news. When asked by OCNN (Ocho Cinco news network) NFLPA chief DeMaurice Smith said on a scale of 1-10 the likelehood of a lockout in 2011 was "14" I'll let that sink in.

Am I the only one freaking out about this, a season without NFL football?!?! Natually this would blow to no end, but think about the impact it would have on American culture. Honestly, think about all of the things tied up in the National football league. I'll wait.

Now from what I know about Smith he may just be puffing up, but it's freaking me out right now.

Last bit of news, February also just brought us this gem. My St. Louis Rams have indeed found an owner who is willing, nay committed to keeping the team in the gateway city. His name? Shahid Khan. I hope you clicked on that last link because I'll be using it any time I talk about the Rams. Along with this.

For the first time since 2003 I am proud to be a Rams fan. Look at that fucking stache. Honk if you're Horny.

Now usually February sucks because of the dead sports time, but now we have the Olympics. I'm one of those who always gets into the Olympics, and especially the Winter version. I'm trying to think of something, but I want to say that there isn't one event that I simply won't watch. Maybe ice dancing or something? Anyway to me it's nice to see events that you only see every 4 years. My personal favorite is the Norwegian drive by, also known as the biathlon. I also think the athletes are more interesting. Take the snowboarders for example, the lovable high as hell, snowboarders. U.S snowboarder Graham Watanabe recently told reporters about his Olympic experience.
Pegasus mating with a unicorn and the creature that they birth I somehow tame it and ride it to the sky and clouds and sunshine and rainbows
USA all the way.

If you need more motivation I think Icehouse has shown you the hotness that comes with being a female skier.

Yes I know she's injured, but still

A final note, February also brings with it insane snow storms. My region just got shit on yesterday and while I do appreciate getting off work, I hate and I mean hate shoveling snow. My neighborhood is now a series of snow trenches, tunnels, and passages rivaling the Somme. However there is one cool thing about snow, and that is driving a snow plow. When I was a kid I always wanted to drive one just blasting snow out of my way, and covering cars all within the comfort of a climate controlled cab.

So yeah, while I still hate February this one is shaking out pretty well, especially when you get a pictorial on European fire festivals.


  1. I think they left this pictureout out of the fire festivals album:

  2. I really really really want his owner box to become a throne room complete with a harem and stadium attendants fanning him with palm leaves