Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday Morning S--t Storm!!!

This little gem gave me some inspiration for today's shit storm topic. What is the greatest image change in sports. I think the best example is Muhammad Ali going from the brash champion to the most beloved athlete in the world.

But here's another example. Lou Holtz. I realize most of you hate Holtz because of ESPN and that's fine. But before his tenure at the WWL Holtz was a master motivator, firecracker on the sideline, defensive specialist, and had enough allegations surrounding him that would even impress Lane Kiffin.

What scandal do you want first, the blatant support of anabolic steroids? The lack of institutional control? Perhaps just flat out giving cash to players?

Now this isn't a hate fest on Holtz because I actually like the guy. These "allegations" are just to show you how much Lou has changed in the public eye. Now instead of being the hard line motivator he has become ESPN's bumbling clown for College football. (note: they need at least one clown per division)

There are many many more examples, Holtz was just to highlight one that most don't think about.

Ok Storm away.


  1. Deion Sanders. Prime Time to Jesus. It's still involves wearing a lot of shine, but with a more constructive message.

  2. On the flip side you have Big Mac and Roger going from baseball gods to assholes.

  3. Tiger Woods, as much as it is beating a dead horse, I've never seen a 180 so fast. This guy was untouchable and now he's a punchline.

  4. yeah I was going to put down Tiger but I still want to look back 5 years from now to see what the public opinion is.

  5. Caron Butler. Went from slangin rocks and getting arrested to being an upstanding member of society, giving back to the community.

  6. This isn't so much perception as reality: For 40 years, Bobby Knight treated every member of the media like walking pigshit. He is now a member of that same media establishment.