Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday Morning S--t Storm!!!

Well first off we have to pick the Superbowl Winner.


If you're going to pick a winner on this blog you better fucking have a favorite doughnut as well.
Honestly, I must have devoured 20 doughnuts yesterday and it is my belief that people who do not like doughnuts are either 1. evil 2. Something just isn't there. So yeah we had a debate about flavors, like to hear the Hobbers perspective.

Lattimer: Saints/Boston Cream.


  1. Colts, chocolate covered donut with sprinkles

  2. Saints, I'm actually more of a chocolate doughnut-hole kinda guy.

  3. Saints. Sour cream cake.

    Sorry, I'm just not much of a sweets eater.