Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bill Walton won't let a strike happen.

You've been warned.

The lockout season in '99 totally blew except for two things:
1) The Spurs won the championship.
2) It was Vince Carter's and Jason Williams' rookie year.

I highly doubt that there will be a lockout. Where Simmons (who gerbils, by the way) is wrong is that the superstars of the league aren't complaining. Players on middling and poor teams get paid more to stick around, and role players who take pay cuts get to play on higher profile teams, and ego-stroking is a supplement to cash.

Not only that, but EVERY team and EVERY big name player is excited for next season. Maybe a lockout would occur if the rapture doesn't actually happen, and everybody stays on their current teams (which I think is much more likely than LeBron and Wade playing for Jay-Z). But I doubt it.

Bill Simmons has been hawking this tired nonsense about the NBA's economics being fucked up for about five years now. Well yeah, Bill, if the only two teams you follow are the Celtics and Clippers, you might have a skewed view of things.

I'm not worried.


  1. Look, I hate the guy, too. But of course the super stars aren't complaining. They're being overpaid.

    The only guys really getting fucked are the morons who buy season tickets for a 43 game season - who can handle that kind of commitment? - and rookies like Durant who get scalped by the rookie contract rule for the first 3 seasons of their career.

  2. Two groups of people the NBA will never, ever listen to: Fans and rookies.