Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Afternoon Fun Bag!

Dolph and Cookie Monster are ready to party. That's for sure.

We're coming for that ass! WOOOOO!

Ok. Let's just get down to business right now.

First we have a behind-the-scenes look at last weekend's NBA All-Star Game. It's crazy.

This video has been all over the internet this week, so it's worth posting. My favorite part is how the raptor just nonchalantly cruises on out of the arena afterward.

From Squirrel Tactics, we have a clip from BBC's "Top Gear." It's the second time we've had Ken Block on GRH, which is a figure that needs to increase.

Now for a little old school flavor. OMG! FUNK!

This may have been the most overblown thing on the world wide web this week. But you know what? A deserved beat down is always worth seeing a couple times. Oh, and I want the old guy's shirt.

Yes. Sweet. Hopefully everybody's dug themselves out of the snow by now. Let's get outside and have some fun.

1 comment:

  1. Cookie monster is my background and sometimes I like to imagine him racing towards the Chips Ahoy factory,with his Soviet cold war era machine gun locked and loaded.