Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Caption Contest!

To continue with our veritable retching of posts, I give you an old school clip. Mike Tyson is here, joking around with Daryl Strawberry and Dwight Gooden.

An odd picture, to say the least. Well, odd now. Back then it was three athletes at their peak. But then the fall began. Oh, how they fell. Tyson beat the crap out of Robin Givens, spent some time in jail, bit some guy's ear off, got a face tat, and now is just a fat, inarticulate shell of a man who trades off of our society's love of self-mocking celebrity cameos.

Strawberry and Gooden on the other hand? They're just your average recovering cocaine addicts. Well, average in the sense that Gooden seems to be doing alright, but Strawberry is in and out of jail/rehab, and has a son who played a season for the Suns.

So yeah. Go nuts.

"I'm gonna eat your children, and put Strawberries on top of them. You know, for the irony."


  1. White Guy In Background: I can't believe I'm in the background with these guys!

  2. Tyson promised a little boy in a hospital back home in New Jersey to fulfill his -and every Phillies fan's dream- to punch a New York Met.

  3. Three cheers for coccaine!
    Hip hip, hooray!

  4. Also, of all people NOT to be wearing a belt, 80's Tyson? Ironic.

  5. What you don't see is Lenny Dykstra setting the crate of steroids next to the wheel barrow of cocaine.

  6. Baseball was exponentially more interesting when i was a kid.

  7. Announcer 1: "Gooden sure can take a blow!"
    Announcer 2 (half covering mic): "Dude, NOT cool."