Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hey the Olympics are on!!!!

Yep the Olympics are underway and the torch is.....

/waits two awkward minutes


Since GRH is dedicated to serving the Hobbers out there I have navigated the labyrinth known as in order to provide you with today's schedule.

All times will be repping East Coast.

10:00 HBO 2 Real Sports.
The best sports show on TV will have it's Olympic feature including a profile of the flamboyant faux fur wearing figure skater Johhny Weir. You know what they say about Johnny Weir? Johnny Weir is a.......
Really good figure skater and our best chance at medaling in the event.

2:00 NBC Ski Jumping.
Ski Jumping is one of my favorite events. It has a certain amount of drama and potential for disaster, but the best thing is seeing a jump distance and screaming "holy shit that guy just jumped a football field."

3:00/8:00 CNBC Women's Hockey.
Sweeden takes on Switzerland in the opening game, while host country Canada takes on Slovokia in the prime time game.
Women's Hockey, CATCH THE FEVER!!!

8:00 NBC Men's 1500 m short track
Men's Downhill, Women's Moguls.
The Men's downhill has been postponed due to slush, but fear not. If you were looking for over hyped athletes Apolo Ohno will look to become leading winter medalist/soul patch connoisseur in the short track event. I don't know anything about Moguls other than it's awesome, and I hate them when I'm on a snowboard.

Thoughts, observations, Olympic spirit in the comments.


  1. They showed a little bit of the biathalon. I want to ski with a fucking rifle on my back now.

  2. Huge drama in the biathlon today. Great conditions for the early starters, then fresh snow hit the late starters so some big medal contenders are in 20-60 range. Hopefully history repeats itself and that Frenchie in the lead misses several targets.