Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Afternoon Fun Bag!

Toine's in jail. Can't shoot his way out of this slump. However, it did offer an interesting look into his mentality. A cold streak only made him try harder.

Yes. Too many funbags have been late of late. This one is HERE. RIGHTFUCKINGNOW.

So let's go!

Creepy kids have nothing to do with Easter Candy, but that doesn't stop the rock.

Here we have the world's fastest. At everything. Prepare to feel really, really slow.

Freerunning. It's like a sport, except with no competition.

I know people are still shaken up over Michael Jackson dying, but I really expect better out of Shaq.

Lil' Penny and Gheorghe Muresan. This was back when Sportscenter meant something.

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