Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Afternoon Fun Bag!

Judging by this photo, Kansas is working Todd Reesing a little too hard this preseason.

Yeeeeeeuh. Breakin bones and hearts this weekend. Let's get it on.

Charles Barkley's Shut up and Jam was the best. Ninja Gaiden was ok.

Fuck this. I'm moving to Japan to be a technical advisor for this show.

The Final Countdown makes anything awesome. Not that it was needed to make this trailer more awesome. Extra points every time there's someone with their arms up.

Remember the fake trailers during the Grindhouse movies? Well, the best one got greenlit for real.

Today's Big Thing on the internet is an American Psycho tribute video for a cover of "This Must Be The Place." Loves it.


  1. Looks like she's a fan of the Houston.........


  2. I went to

    That guy is awesome.