Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Morning S--t Storm

Filling in for Lattimer, I understand; less is more. So rather than attempt that loftiest of feats and try to mimic or match his natural verbal grace, I'll just put it out there and depend on you, the eager mind, to fill the void.

But a little background is necessary.

Last night, I started watching this thing on the Discovery Channel called 'Cronkite Remembers.' In what appeared to be just another old man rambling about the way things used to be in vain senility, it turned out to be him talking about all the events that made him famous, most interestingly the Nuremberg Trials, least interestingly this argument he and his daughter got into.

By the time I stopped wanting to watch, it was about two in the morning.

But it got me thinking. And subsequently, this shit storm will be as thus:

Greatest Sporting Acheivement of the 20th century.

That's 1900 (Remember Army vs. Navy?!) to 2000 (Remember Jr. High?!). Have at it, flunkies.


  1. I'm inclined to say swinging that golf club on the moon.


  2. Super Bowl XXVII.

    The whole thing.

  3. I like Jordan dropping 60 on the Knicks in the playoffs. I still find it more impressive than Wilt's 100 or Kobe's 81.

  4. Ray Lewis getting one year of probation for killing someone.

  5. Too bad it wasn't 21st century because the Massive flounder I caught this morning would surely be #1


    I want to say Jackie Robinson on the Dodgers, simply because of what that meant, and how significant baseball was at the time.

  6. Ricky Williams breaking the all time NCAA rushing record.

  7. USA beating Russia in the 1980 olympics?

    I hate hockey, but I hate commies more.

  8. Nolan Ryan punching Robin Ventura in the face is nearly as memorable as his no-hitters.

    Armstong's 7 TDF's is also rather 'ballin'. GET IT?!

    /stricken with cancer from God.

  9. The first forward pass in football.

  10. Thrown by who Devin, THROWN BY WHO?

  11. Some guy from Saint Louis, I think.

    I don't know...

    I mean, I didn't see it, but think if it never happened!

  12. USA beating Russia in the 1980 olympics has gotta be up there, Cowboys Dynasty? yes. Jesse Owens, maybe. The homerun race: Mantle versus Maris, Jackie Rob up there for sure

  13. How about the beginning of live-tv broadcasting of sports games?

  14. the first forward pass was definently not from someone in the STL.

    I want to say it was Walter Camp, but either way Teddy Roosevelt forced the rule change in the early 1900's because football was killing fools. This is also when the flying wedge was ruled illegal hence no forward motion in American football. Canada=gay.

    Now I think the first Anon had the best list. (basically because that's what I was thinking.) but the Cowboys.....The COWBOYS?.....homerism is a nasty disease.

    And for the record I'm still pwning the locals.

  15. It was Knute Rockne, playing QB for Notre Dame, against Army.

    That's where it was perfected anyway. Rockne and some other guy who probably always boasted to be Rockne's buddy trained all summer on a beach figuring out how to throw it in a spiral and how to catch it.

    /Irish elitism.