Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday Morning S--t Storm

Big sports weekend. Williams sisters, an epic Men's final, Tiger, some good baseball, and of course Steve McNair.

All of the gushing aside, McNair was everything one looks for in a QB.

But on a more positive note, when I was watching the Men's final I thought how cool it would be to just stand there and try to return a serve from one of these guys. I would fail. Miserably. But it would be cool nonetheless.

So for the Shit Storm, we want to hear what sports related thing you would like to do.
Dunk on Kobe? go for it.
Play a round at Augusta? Have at it.
Step in vs. the non-juiced "Rocket"? Great.
Step in vs. the roided "Rocket"? Even better.

you get the idea. The only thing that isn't fair game is team X winning the Y championship. So the Cubs winning the series is out of play because that will never happen.

My pick?

Running out at Notre Dame.

I don't know why because I hate ND, but something tells me it would be awesome. Doesn't matter if I was a coach, player, equipment manager, waterboy, or priest. I just want to do it.

Ok Hobbers let's hear all your hopes and dreams GRH style.



  1. I Would like to have been a Jocky Riding this horse

  2. Play a (scramble) round with Tiger. Dur.

  3. Rub Howard's Rock and run out at Clemson.

  4. Have one hot dog with Joey Chestnut.

  5. Wedgebuster. First home game in the new Cowboys Stadium, Sept. 19th v. NY Giants.

    That star on my helmet will be coming for your ass.

  6. This sucks to say, but now that Sheed is on the Celtics, I'm going to have to go with playing for the Celtics.

    Sheed, Garnett and Duncan have been my idols for quite some time now. Whereas Duncan is my homer idol, he never had the flavor that the other two possessed.

  7. 5.) Watching my daughters play for the Wimbledon final; as lucrative as it is personally rewarding.
    4.) Would have loved to have been in the box with Skip Carrey and the boys from TBS for a season of mid-90's Braves baseball.
    3.) Spend a Triple Crown season as the owner of a contender. If a high school principal can do it, so can I.
    2.) To shake Bruce Pearl's hand after every game he loses to Kentucky.
    1.) 90 minutes in the Octagon with Coach K and/or Christian Laettner.

  8. I'd also like to own a team. Really don't care which one.

    Video game fantasy modes got old after college.

  9. 1. take Golf Lessons with Tiger Woods.
    2. run on the football field suring a game to catch a throw from Eli (doesn't matter which game)
    3. be the guy on top of the quarter pip when Simon Dumont clears 35vft with a Cork 9.
    4. Race Dale Earnhardt in a heads up 300 lap race (i think i stand a good chance...)

  10. I want to be the guy that says "This broadcast cannot be reproduced in any form without express written consent from Major League Baseball."

    Just once. It's really not that much to ask.

  11. Come down the court, fake to the left, take him back to the right, and your man's falling back, so you J right in his face. Then you look at him, and say, "what?"

    /He Got Game elitism

  12. I want to steal on Chelle. She's got a Cannon but I think it's doable.

  13. Chelle's lost some zip after the whole performance enhancing incident. Although she did hit a homer her first at bat back from the suspension.

  14. Take a curtain call at Yankee Stadium

  15. Call the same plays at the same time as Phil Jackson without knowing...because we think alike...we love the same things.

  16. Tackle Robin Ventura from behind, and watch while Nolan Ryan beats his ass.