Thursday, July 9, 2009

Brent Musberger previews GRH CFB Preview

Brent: Wellllllllllll welcome back GRH football fans, we're here in Hobbsville getting set for the annual GRH College Football Preview.


If you haven't been following GRH for a while now...well...boy....let me tell you what. (egotistical laughter) You have been missing out.


Last summer the writers for GRH gave us a great, and I mean GREAT, preview for the 2008 football season. And let me tell you what, THESE are no amateurs. Whadya think Herbie?

Kirk: Thanks Brent. I think last year GRH provided a solid preview for the football season because they provided accurate information on the teams and players. The key here for the 2009 season is that they will need to continue with the accurate information, and progress with the accuracy.

But you know what else Brent? This is what I really like about GRH. They take the stance that the team with the HIGHEST SCORE at the end of the game will win. And you know what, they can improve on that and continue with their success.

Brent: Right you are there partner. But you have to wonder here if GRH will overvalue teams here.


I know they did a good job, but you have to wonder if the mistakes of Clemson, WV, and Ohio State will resurface this year. I mean olllllllllllllllle Lattimer is good, but you have to wonder here if he will give too much credit to teams like Penn State, Cal, Notre Dame, Those pesky Rebels from Ollllllllllllllllllllle Miss, and of course Jim Tressel's Buckkkkkkkkkeyes from THE Ohio State University.

Kirk: That's a good point Brent. As you can see, Lattimer was simply not accurate on that information. I think if he was accurate he would have done a better job.

Brent: Right you are there Herbie.


Our own Erin Andrews has talked to the GRH staff following their first year performance. Take it away Erin.

Erin: Thanks Brent. I talked to GRH writer Icehouse and in regards to last years performance he said. "Well you know you go out there and you give 110 percent. You want to write good. You hope you write good. And...I think we wrote pretty good last year."

Brent: Our Friend Erin Andrews.


That olllllllllllllle Lattimer said he was going to do not only an ACC preview, but a Big Ten (11) as well. (Passive aggressive laughter) I don't know about the viewers, but I DID NOT see those. You have to wonder here what the problem was. Let's take it down to my friend Chris Spielman.

Chris: You know I was watching Lattimer and the intensity is there but he just didn't finish. BREAK IT DOWN AND WRAP IT UP YOUNG MAN. GOTTA GED YOUR HEAD IN THERE AND POST. Come on now, you learn that in pop warner.

Kirk: That's a good point Chris, and I'm not sure Lattimer can.....

Lee: Up bupp bupp bupp bupp NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND. Let me tell you somethin. GRH has Stovall who can bring the funny. Don Delaware is anchoring the lines. And a newcomer Old Booker Pogue, who was connection ineligible last year. Watch this guy when he writes wshh wshh wshh (Corso pencil bolt). He's got some moves. Watch out now.

Brent: Well thanks Lee, and stay tuned for the GRH 2009 CFB preview.


  1. Even if you've already read this goldmine once, go back through and read it with the soundtrack that Lattimer provided at the beginning. It makes sound:

    1.) More authentic.
    B.) More believeable.
    Á.) More funnier.

  2. Kirk's a buckeye homer, and therefore gay.