Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The NBA: Where I need to watch more happens

Holy Shit! I can’t keep up with the NBA!

Seriously, the Celtics have played twenty games, and this is my second regular season post? I am off, America.

But anyways, let’s get started.

The expected: Celtics and Lakers can’t help but ball. They’re killing. The Lakeshow dropped one to the Pacers the other night, but that, of course, is an aberration that is sure to happen a couple of times to every team. Second place in each conference are Cavs (Eastern) and Blazers (Western). This would be my dream Finals, but something will happen along the way, no diggity.

As far as the Blazers are concerned, Greg Oden has not been anything resembling what he was supposed to have been when he was drafted. What they are doing, is trying to groom him, bring him along slowly, keeping as much weight off his shoulders (and fragile knees) as possible. This is nothing short of uncommon for number one picks, but it seems like a decent enough plan. If, and I do mean if, he ever stays healthy.

The Hawks are a solid 11-6, which is great, since they’ve been with out Josh “J-Smoove” Smith for about half of those games. Now the human highlight is back working in the highlight factory, so I imagine the Hawks keep wrecking as much as they can. They’re knocking on the door of Eastern elites, but considering the top four are Boston, LeBron, Orlando, and Detroit, the best they can hope for is to keep their spot, and surprise in April.

The West has certainly gotten worse, but they’re still better. The eighth spot is occupied by the Mavericks (the Spurs have the same record, but the Mavs have won more in the division, plus the head-to-head).

Denver’s doing pretty damn well, which is enjoyable.

Tracy McGrady is hurt, and we can expect Yao to get hurt as soon as Mac rejoins the Rockets. That said, they’re sitting pretty in fourth in the conference.

The Spurs have maintained, staying a hair above .500, and that’s been without Manu or Tony Parker. Roger Mason has been huge, but, of course, now his shoulder hurts.

The dregs of society are the Wizards, Clippers, and Thunder. I’d say the Clips and Wiz win more as the season progresses, but the Thunder stay where they are. Serves that rat bastard Clay Bennett right (sorry, Kevin).

As far as players are concerned, Derrick Rose is the only reason the Bulls are competitive, and if you are wondering who should be the Rookie of the Year, look up his crossover of Andre Miller a couple of nights ago. It was so dirty I put bleach in my eyes. In other rookie news, I still love Mike Beasley, and he has balled on several occasions. He also looks damn fine fixing up some cranberry sauce for the folks. Finally, O.J. Mayo is a mad scorer. He very well might win ROY on the pure fact that he puts up nasty numbers non-stop.

Dwyane Wade leads the league in scoring, highlighting the fact that I stated during the Olympics, Flash is back. Bron’s not far behind, though.

I think one of the best stories this far is that of the Spaniards. Pau has found his nitch in L.A., José Calderon is second in the league in assists, and Rudy Fernandez is a main reason that Portland is wrecking as much as they are. Watch out for the racist Iberian fucks, as I have referred to them before.


  1. If a player gets traded to Cleveland, do you think they get a little pissed off because they might have been deemed as "Only Good Enough to Supplement LeBreyBrey"? Or are they just so stoked to hop in the shower with him that all of those apprehensions evaporate?

  2. You got Bron expressin, he don't express.

  3. Derrick Rose

    The NBA should have allowed those oklahomos to have an team but should have prevented them from ever getting their hands on Durant. I mean we already gave them fucking Adrian Peterson. How many incredible athletes are going to leave the great state of Texas for that shithole of an indian reservation to the north.

    Oh and the Thunder should give the team name back to whatever arena league football team they took it from just like Bud Adams should have given Houston back the Oilers.

    In closing I would like to say fuck Bud Adams. That is all

  4. Kevin Durant's from Baltimore.

    More on Baltimore in a few...