Sunday, December 14, 2008


Ok first off, Auburn are you serious?


Over Turner Gill?

This reeks of dumb ass on so many levels, but here is the best example. Every year I wait for the day the Phil Steele magazine comes out. It's easily the most accurate college football preview out there. Anyway, every year I open up the magazine and flip to see who's number one, following that I check out to the back of the magazine to look at the worst team in the country. I don't have specific numbers, but I'm pretty sure Buffalo was there 96% of the time. Definitely bottom five. That is, until Turner Gill became head coach. It's a hyperbole, but what Gill was able to accomplish at that institute is nothing short of remarkable, yet Auburn decides to go with a guy who is 5-19 as a head coach.


I really don't want to think this is just good ole' boys being good' ole' boys, but it probably is.

Which is why I can respect this response:

Next in fansanity, The Cowboys.

Evidently T.O had his feelings hurt because he's not getting enough attention. Go figure. Either way, Ed Werder broke the initial story, and one Cowboy fan was pissed.

Now this is funny, but it is also crazy. I hate many members of the media, but I don't think I would take time out of my day to heckle them. I mean that's what GRH is for.


  1. There's actually several videos of the Cowboys fan walking around yelling at people.

    This happens quite a bit in Dallas, actually.

  2. Yeah, evidently this guy "Cowboy Chris" is somewhat of a celebrity.

  3. He should have thrown his shoes at Ed Werder.