Sunday, December 28, 2008

For Real Real, Not For Play Play

Auburn has Just Hired Gus Malzahn as it's new OC.

Ok, so first some analysis.

This is interesting, very interesting. One could argue, "Hey we have a super spread OC teamed up with a defensive minded head coach. Awesome." And logically that makes sense. However, sometimes in football 1+1=shit. In his book The Hurry up no Huddle: An offensive Philosophy, Malzahan says something to the effect of If you want to run this type of offense you should not care about your defense. (Note- the book was written when Malzahn was still a high school coach in Arkansas, and at that time he believed in running a hyper speed no huddle.)

So is this going to work?

I don't know, you can never predict these things. Some people will point to the Tony Franklin project in the whole super-stud OC, defensive minded head coach debate. But to be fair, I really don't think Franklin was given full offensive control.

Does Auburn have the personnel? Who knows, maybe ole' Gus will be able to adapt his scheme to his players? Plus, although they had a shitty year, Auburn is still Auburn and they have the ability to get some of the best players in the nation.

I guess at the end of the day we'll just have to wait and see.

Now to the fun part.


You ever get bored at work? Yeah happens to me too. So here is one way to pass the time. Fansanity comments on message boards and newspaper articles!!!! I personally recommend any SEC team that has a recent loss.

Let's look at some comments from the cool-headed Auburn faithful, shall we?

Wareagle97 writes:
"I look for Auburn to be VERY EXPLOSIVE on Offense next year. Cant wait for the season to start.... WDE."
Excellent observation.

Aubtiger34 states:

"I was really worried that we were going to hire a power running OC that only the RB's would want to play for. This guy will get recruits all over the Southeast pumped about going to Auburn. I know of a big TE in Georgia who will love this hire. 4 Star JUCO All American WR/KR/PR/P/PK Cameron Kenney wanted to wait and see what kind of offense we were going to run before he made his final decision. This should make the choice a lot easier.

Look for Auburn to pull in a couple more tall WR's. You need them to run a Gus Malzone offense. Raymond Cotton will be kicking himself if he lets this opportunity go. I look for him to call the coach and say, "Gus Malzone, good hire guys, are you still interested in Ray?"

War Eagle.."

NC's are built around 4 star JUCO's and height.

The always astute Tiger Taz proclaims:

"LOOK OUT BAMA!!!!!!!! Best DC in the nation as our HC and now the best OC in the nation as our OC!!!"

Best DC/OC in the nation? Really?

The best part is when rival fans come in and shit in the apple pie.

Armybama42 writes:

(Sic'd) "Your silly-warm eathe fans-I,ve been a bama fan since 1973-in 50 years only missedthe bowl games6x."
Now, This is either a typical Alabama fan...or it could be an Auburn fan trying to make Alabama look petty and stupid. But why do they need to try?

See how much fun that was!!!

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