Tuesday, November 18, 2008

There Will Be Blood


Will Muschamp is now the coach "in waiting" for the University of the people's republic of Texas.

Missouri-Texas hate week aside, this is a great move by Texas.

Great coach, great facilities, and a great recruiting base.

Furthermore, Muschamp's strength is in the X's and O's department as well as player motivation. He can take this time to learn from one of the best CEO's/recruiters in the game, Mack Brown.

I also mentioned Muschamp's impact earlier.

My only fear is the fact that when Muschamp takes over I might actually have to like Texas.

I don't like this. It depresses me.

I'll just watch "Scent of a Woman" and get over it.

Always Remember:
Knock these motherfuckers out.


  1. Good starting move for Texas. The finishing move is keeping him there. Personally, I hope he stays there because I think this move, similarly to the Jimbo Fisher move at Florida State, encourages both tradition and paying your dues through a coaching system.

    But eight years is a long time. His name will continue to be a hot one, so long as the UT defense is stout. How many times can a man turn down millions of dollars (which you know certain teams from an ego-driven conference like the SEC are more than willing to drop)?

    I hope he stays, but I wouldn't be surprised if he bolts.

  2. You also have to understand Muschamp is still a relatively young guy in the coaching world.

    I agree his name will come up but it would have to be a dream job.

    Personally, if I was him I'd stick around and learn from Mack attack, and start making connections on the recruiting trail.

  3. First of all, Texas is paying him pretty close to a million dollars, plus a sweet ass condo, and a car.

    Second, one shouldn't underestimate the allure of Austin. Between luxury, a nice place to live/raise kids, fun, celebrity status/hobnobbing with celebrities, its only rival would be USC.

    Compared to Austin, Tuscaloosa looks like a horrible shithole. That goes for Columbus, Happy Valley, Miami, BR, Fayetteville, Oxford, Charleston, Knoxville, Auburn, Athens...

    you get the idea.