Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Go Tigers

This is a random news/movie club hybrid post.

The movie is called "Go Tigers" which follows the Massillon Tigers through a football season. It's basically a Northern, documentary version of Friday Night Lights with much less flavor.

It's the same stuff, set in Ohio.

Economic hardship.
Strong football tradition.
Insane fans.
Questionable tactics.
Broken dreams.
Girlfriends hoping to find a better life.
Insane rivalry.

The only difference is Massillon has a fan called "Tiger Lady" who walks, acts, dresses, and growls like a Tiger.

If you get a chance it's definitely entertaining. (One of the players essentially rapes a girl and gets to play. They also basically just come out and say that 8th graders are held back for football)

But it's nowhere near GRH required viewing status.

Here is the big similarity between Massillon and Permian.
Skewed priorities.

A 80,000 square foot practice facility? (Thanks to Devin on the edit)


Look I'm all about athletics, especially football. And as a former player I was always pro climate controlled practice facilities, especially during two-a-days. However, this is all types of crazy.

I guess you have to watch the movie, but basically it shows how the school district was broke and could not fund trivial things... like education.

But I guess we have to remember what Coach Winters said:

"Yeah, but when was the last time 80,000 people showed up to watch a kid do a damn chemistry experiment? Why don't you stick that bow-tie up your ass."


  1. Seen it.

    Also have Masillon-themed caskets at the funeral parlor.

    Movies like this, that are presented so somberly, make a shift to try and make an indictment on middle america for their skewed priorities.

    When the movie's about the kids, you're able to see why we have sports - because they're fun games to play.

  2. also, its 80,000 square feet, according to that article.

  3. Devin is correct. It's 20,000 square feet LARGER than the brown facility.

    Good job Devin.