Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Afternoon Fun Bag!

"What the fuck's a Chuck Liddell?"

Yeehaw. Slap hands, everyone, it's Friday. And although it's cold outside, it's still a sexy one.

Ok, so we know that Ron Artest is cray cray. We know this. But when he starts talking, it's impossible to not listen to him. So... yeah. He put out a video of himself hanging out on his porch, talking shit about the rapper Status Quo, defending fellow baller Greg Oden. I guess Artest was bored and need a rap beef.

Ski crashes are hilarious. Pros crashing makes it really, really hilarious. And a montage of a whole lot of really bad ones? Well, I don't think I need to tell you.

I like soccer. I also really hate it when people try disrupt televised sports, regardless if it's turning off the tv, standing in front of the tv, or saying stupid things while I am looking at the tv. So while this guy is flying in the face of all of that, I still think it's hilarious. Also, it's something bizarre from Europe.

This blog is pro-Timberlake. We feel that he is a fantastic entertainer, and is a homeboy from Memphis. He also looks great in a one-piece.

You know what's fun? Shooting kids with paintballs. And watching them freak out about it.

Ok. Hurry up, clock. I gots to get out of this place.


  1. Don't ever sell yourself short when there is a crash montage involved.

  2. i've seen the soccer thing, but the fat kid paintball shit is hilarious.

  3. Holy Shit. I just watched the Ron Artest thing again.

    "Shout out to the hoods around the world. Shout out to all the peoples out there trying to get an edumacation."

    "You know I gots my suit and tie. I gots my baggy jeans with the hat to the back. Hood to the CORE."

    "My son see a rapper on TV, he think it cool to wear a little silky thing, carry a man-purse. I don't want my son raised like that."

    I love Ron Artest. I want his jersey for Xmas.