Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday Afternoon Fun Bag!

"Hey Hey. BABAAAYYYYY! Newport News in tha hizouse! What? I got traded to Detroit? Mothaphuckas! I'ma half to play defense now."

Which is my way of saying that Friday is upon us. Let's see what's in store in this magical journey of fun.

We've had a lot of fun with Yao Ming. Truly, he is a great player, but for real, dog. If your height is 75% of the height of the rim, this should never happen to you. Or this, for that matter.

All readers of our sites know that we love sports commercials. We even fancy ourselves experts on the fact. However, some European weiners called WPP decided that this is the best sports commercial of the year. They may be right.

And now we have the Power Team. They're Juiced for Jesus. They're Crunk on Christ. They're injected with the Holy Spirit! They're... nuts. Behold: the glory of the Power Team!

Here is something bizarre from Europe.

With the absence of the Answer in Denver, it is now all Carmelo's team. Between having ups and downs with getting suspended, getting pulled over, winning a gold medal, Carmelo needs some stability in his life. Which is why he opened a barber shop in Denver. It may also be why he cut off his trademark 'rows. Of course, EA Sports has a different reason.

Yeehaw. I'm going to get weird here for a while, I'll catch you guys on the flip side.


  1. After seeing the power team in person, I went to the YMCA and maxed out on squats, then I dominated the hell out of some community service work.

    All in the name of JC

  2. Also,

    After watching the power team in person I'm 99% positive they take greenies in the locker room before their performance.

    I was also unimpressed by their famous "ice charge."

  3. The State of Texas has to order me to do community service. It's the only way I'll do it.