Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hoop Dreams

For those of you who loved this movie, the Chicago Tribune wrote a nice article updating us on the lives of William Gates and Arthur Agee. It's worth reading if you have the time.

You haven't seen the Movie?

Watch it.

Hat tip: Deadspin


  1. Hoop Dreams is one of the best movies anyone will ever see. Spike Lee got incredibly lucky by choosing these two cats to follow around. Their stories show just about every pitfall that can befall any young hoopster, and highlights how lucky the ones that make it are.

    Sports Illustrated periodically updates us on the guys.

    Fuck hat tips.

  2. Yeah It kind of reminds me about friday night lights in the sense that hollywood could not have come up with a better script.

  3. Hollywood reworked Friday Night Lights for the movie.

    In real life, they didn't lose in the state championship, but in the semifinal game.

    H.G. Bissinger also vehemently hates sports blogs, so he can go fuck himself.