Sunday, November 23, 2008

NFL Open Post

I was thinking of doing another live chat this afternoon, but frankly I have better things to do such as: workout, sit, and go to the bookstore.

As a result, we will have an open thread today. Stop by and leave a comment on anything we may find interesting.

Furthermore, in the spirit of "change" this will serve as an all encompassing football thread, so perhaps our friends across the pond (or contrarian Americans) can update us on the latest happenings on the pitch.


If you're like me and your NFL team sucks, your fantasy team goes to the same country club, and your college team barely beat smart kids from Duke, you may want to watch some movies.

I suggest looking at AMC, which if I'm not mistaken, stands for Awesome Movie Channel. There is a Rocky marathon starting at 3:00. 2:00 for those of you who rep central time.

Forrest Gump is probably on some channel as well.


  1. Oh and for Zack, A League of Their Own is on as we speak. The channel is oxygen.

    I'll let you think on that.

  2. Holy Crap, Forrest Gump is on one of the HBO channels at 1:45.

    On another note. the Rams are already losing and McNabb just threw an interception where he didnt actually throw the ball.

    My fantasy team is also losing.

  3. ...And Donovan is officially benched

  4. Donovan benched? I didn't play Favre, because he's playing Tennessee. Now this? Fuck my world.

  5. After seeing a car chase about twenty minutes ago, I've decided that today I'm watching Road to Perdition.

  6. Car chases are a once in a lifetime experience. Me and 9 of my friends were standing in line at white castles, we saw a 1989 Ranger fly by followed by 3 cop cars.

    Instinctively, we all ran to our cars and proceeded to follow the chase. It finally ended on highway 61 near our high school. We timed it perfectly because as we drove by we saw what looked like a 14 year old being tossed to the ground.

    We then went back to white castles and bought several crave cases, which is 30 burgers packed into a cardboard briefcase.

    We ate them and they were good.

    It was one of the better nights in high school.

  7. At least the Cowboys are wrecking ass.

    Pacman > Romo

  8. Everyone needs to see this.

  9. A League of Their Own rules, no matter what channel it's on.

    Pacman, according to sources, is no on a no tolerance policy to stay in the NFL, meaning that if he has any missteps whatsoever, he is banned for life. This move is seen as, as they say in the biz, "delaying the inevitable."

  10. "Hey cowgirls. See the grass? Don't eat it."

    Jon Lovitz, A League of Their Own