Thursday, November 6, 2008

TGORH book/movie club

It seems like everyone has a book club. Typically these clubs are run by women and serve as an excuse to get loaded on wine and gossip about who is f-ing each other.

Guys have things like this too, however, we drink beer and we call them Elk Lodges.
We also play washers.

Back to the point.

Every "author" of this humble blog shares a certain affection towards the written word and the cinematic experience.

In fact, my favorite movie experience was shared with two faithful readers when we watched DOOM!!!!!! on a Sunday morning.

My main problem with book clubs is the simple fact that they "read" stupid books typically promoted by Oprah. (My goal in life is to be a guest on the Oprah show)

But here on TGORH we are going to provide you with enlightening, provocative, and mind blowing material.

Our first subject...Steroids!!!!!!!!!!!

this is the trailer from Bigger Stronger Faster directed by Chris Bell.

In all honesty this is a great movie. It not only talks about performance enhancing drugs and their role in sports, but it also examines American society and how the competitive mentality promotes the use of these drugs. It is also hilarious.

In short, it is an alternative look at the American Dream.

So here is how the book club works, either leave a comment down below or hit us up at

It'll be fun, and if nothing else it will provide us with yet another excuse to drink beer.


  1. So, what are we supposed to write in? What books we should read?

    "Cause I didn't read no muhfuckin book, that's why. And you always on my ass and shit about some fucking book. Fuck you, you cheese-faced bitch!"
    -Albert, The Wire, Season 4.

  2. "The Chris Farley Show: In Three Acts" by Tom Farley, Jr. and Tanner Colby.

    I know you probably assume I have some special feelings for Farley since I one day hope to get into the same bidness, but in all seriousness, this is a very compelling novel.

    It's a biography of Chris told by his brothers and those who were closest to him. Written by his eldest brother Tom and one of the head writers for National Lampoon, Colby, the story shows the ups and downs of one of the funniest people to ever walk the earth. There are parts that make you laugh out loud and there are parts that choke you up. Even if you're not a fan, or even a fan of comedy in general, this is still a great read.

    Did I just kill the fun in this post?

  3. The point is that you should make a post about that book, then TGORH faithful can discuss it.

    This isn't something where I start talking about a book or movie then you guys just start talking about every book or movie you have seen.

    Haven't you ever been to a book club before? Gahhh.

  4. I actually watched that recently. Pretty ridiculous.It does explain how to get steroids legally pretty well though. Not sure why the fuck anyone would want to be in the movie because it is pretty safe to say they all look like total idiots and I have no doubt there were a few jobs lost. Including that of the brother/high school football coach who continually discussed his illegal steroid use. Someone should have told him there are cooler ways to get fired if you are willing to accept that kind of public humiliation. Much cooler

  5. Finally someone understands the concept!!!

    Yeah, obviously the steroids didnt increase the one brother's mental capacity. I love the part where he lies to his players saying "you dont have to take roids to get big and strong" and then proceeds to inject them in his ass.

    Personally, for me the best part of the movie was anytime the freak arm guy talked. He actually made the most sense.

  6. Wait, are we still talking about books we like?

    Because I like Wuthering Heights.

  7. no you make a whole new post so we can discuss a particular sports book/movie.

    Think about the shit storm debates, and/or our wire discussions.

  8. But I still like Wuthering Heights. I want to talk about that.