Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Morning Sh*t Storm

Good morning, friends, how is everyone? Icehouse is recovering from a San Antonio adventure that culminated in several hot beers being consumed while stuck in traffic on the interstate.

No, YOU have a problem!

Sorry. Anyways, I'm stepping in for Lattimer on this one. A couple of days ago, ESPN had the following poll:

You know who I'm voting for? NONE OF THE ABOVE!

There's no reason we should be confined to only whoever we get spoonfed. We should be able to choose whoever we want to be the "face" of our favorite sports. But for the purposes of today, let's confine it to fictional characters. We all know that Roy Hobbs is the face of all things awesome in sports, so we'll take him off the board.

My selection? Snake from Escape from L.A. as the face of basketball? What? You don't remember?

That's right. Snake balls out in the LA Coliseum. The pressure's on, and he drains shots. He's as cold as ice dropping them in from 90 feet. And with no depth perception! So there. Fictional character that should be "the face" of a sport.


  1. Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez for Baseball

  2. Captain Jack Sparrow - yachting.

  3. Huge Blonde sweaty Brendan Fraser from Bedazzled-Basketball

  4. Ron Artest. Dodgeball.

  5. deafmute just won. That's my favorite part of one of my favorite movies.

    "Damn the devil! Damn the devil to hell!"

  6. Kathy Ireland from Necessary Roughness - football.

  7. Kurt Russell again but this time as Jack from Big Trouble in Little China- MMA

  8. Kurt Russell again but this time as Herb Brooks from the Miracle- Hockey