Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Decade of College Football

I guess it's just dawned on me that the year is in fact 2010 and we are ten years removed from VT's attempt to knock off the Florida State machine. Looking back it would've been hard to imagine that Florida State and Miami are trying to get out of their rebuilding stints, Michigan is fighting for relevancy, and USC would rise to national prominence only to (possibly) fall from grace.

If you think about it we've had 10 amazing years of College football.
-We got to see 2 of the greatest players in CFB history.
-The best MNC Championship game of all time.
-Navy beating ND....twice.
-Arguably the greatest upset of all time.
-One of the greatest games of all time.
-Mike Leach
-Return of the Messiah
-One of the greatest athletic talents to play the QB position.
-Increased parity
-The move to mega-conferences
-The move towards a playoff (or at the very least a +1 format)
-New schematic innovations
-An offseason that rivals any professional sport in terms of exposure.
-A ND bowl victory
-Rise of the SEC
-A gamble by the ACC
-A marriage proposal
-A straight cold cocking punch
-Brawls (one including a crutch)
-The rise of fan rap videos
-The last game of Bobby Bowden
-The last game for Keith Jackson
-And of course Joepa still ballin in Happy Valley.

So let's hope for another ten great years, and and early good luck to the next 4-5 headers at Notre Dame.

Your favorite moments in the comments.


  1. What about Peter Warrick? He went to the league and got paid for a year or two.

  2. Nothing against Warrick. I just saw him in the video and said "Huh Peter Warrick used to be awesome"

  3. Needs more Colt McCoy, the winningest QB of all time. Although, he's much less of an icon than VY.

  4. PS - No Darren McFadden? Only consecutive runner-up for the Heisman in history? That's barely being a homer, that's just being observant of negligence. Guess it pays to get engaged, especially on national TV, instead of knocking up everything that moves.

  5. Yeah Run DMC should've made an appearance for the wildcat, let alone being awesome.

    In other Arkansas news I felt their two 7 OT's need to be on there.

  6. -Game ending on a spike

    I don't think that has ever happened or will ever happen again