Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday afternoon Fun Bag!!!!

Alright Alright 4th of July

Hot Dogs


You know what America is all about? BEING AMERICAN!!! Here is the most interesting man in the world's take on manscaping.

For all of you that support soccer I hope your happy, I hope your reaaaaaal happy because YOU are ruining Uhmurica.

Now we have a lot of fun here at GRH but I do want to reiterate WE DO NOT FREE BASE COCAINE. Now we'll take a drank, we'll take a drank. Except Tequila.....Well actually about twice a year we drank tequila. But WE DO NOT FREE BASE COCAINE.

Sorry, Also obligatory.

Finally, some of you may watch fireworks, other cooler people may set off their own. But the best...the best make their own bombs.

Ok gang, keep all your fingers this weekend

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