Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bag back, cameramen, gimme 50 feet

I don't especially like cameramen, which is funny, because I'm quite the connoisseur of their work. In fact, anyone who watches TV is. But for real, cameramen. Chill out, before something bad happens to you.

First and possibly most dangerous, you may get dago saliva on you.

More intimidating, but possibly more worth it, the dreaded Argentine Falcon Punch.

So you can film these guys, sure, but don't get all up in their shit. It's annoying to everyone.


  1. But what of the Wesley Sneijder kiss?

  2. Footballers are clearly the bipolar sort when it comes to cameras.

  3. Unless you count the kiss as camerape. Which for these purposes, I do.

  4. Cameramen, Fun when you win, Shitty when you lose

  5. No love for the Lil' O lyrics?