Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Morning S--t Storm

We all love baseball here at GRH and to be honest we haven't talked about it as much as we should. Some people give baseball a hard time, but I still say that going to a ballpark is one of the most enjoyable experiences in sports.

So for this Shit Storm we'll share our favorite baseball players of all time.


Willie McGee.

Not only was he a MVP in my birth year but he was the one guy who made me love the Birds on the Bat. When I moved to MO in 94 the Cards sucked. I had to watch Bernard Gilkey and Brian Jordon. Gilkey was a hometown guy but his .275 average never really caught my attention. I really wanted to like this team and the Wiz was awesome but the guy who I fell in love with was Willie Mcgee. The guy would strike out and I'd be ready to throw my Sega controller against the wall until I saw him hustling back to the dugout. He'd hit into a double play and lose his helmet running out to first.

This is what most fans think of Willie, and that's a shame because he was a great player, and really the reason I started rooting for every team in STL.

Not the best tribute to Willy, but it will do.

Shit Storm begin.

/hustles to publish post


  1. He's probably NOT my all-time favorite ever, however, the first person that comes to my mind in that regard is Ken Griffey, Jr. He was just too fun. You better believe he got my vote for the DH in the 2010 All-Star Game, which he would have been had he not, you know, retired.

  2. If we're going really homer, Cliff Lee. Lee played at the same ballpark I did, in the city we both grew up in. When I was in little league there was a lot of buzz about him in high school maybe going straight to the pros. Naturally, this left every corner barber shop and drug store in Mayberry simply abuzz.


  4. Don Mattingly. I was in 3rd grade and my dad scored tickets to a Yankees game sitting on the first base line, 3 ros behind the dugout. the shit was tight. Unfortunately Mr. Mattingly didn't throw a spare hat or baseball my way but he did point and wave. Yeah, Yankees fan ever since.