Friday, July 9, 2010

Name This Mascot Before a 12-Year-Old Terminally Cross Eyed Girl From O'Fallon, MO Does

So the Los AngelesSt. Louis Rams, in their infinite wisdom, have elected to make their mascot naming ceremony part of the public domain. How kind of them! That's just the type of contest that makes me want to be more involved in MY community BY supporting the Los AngelesSt. Louis Rams!

Unfortunately, this is a subjective competition, meaning that they'll pick the winner, rather than letting Lady Democracy rule the day (I'm not going to lie, I think it'd be awesome if the Rams' mascot was 'Justin Bieber the Ram'). The Rams, as per usual, won't be able to help themselves from messing this up. They're going to go with Terminally-Ill Tammy from O'Fallon, or Asthmatic-Amputee Andy from Arnold, who will give them names like "Rammy" or "Rascal."

Hobbers, I urge you to do better. Step up to the plate/comment section, and give me a better name.

My top three:

  • Rammy Ramirez (won't happen in the Midwest because THEY TOOK OUR JEEERRRRBS!)
  • Albert Pujols the Ram
  • Sam Bradford

It can't be any worse than Pittsburgh's Steely McBeam. No, that's their mascot, not Pittsburgh's most infamous male stripper.

Do your worstbest, Hobbers.