Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Caption Contest!

Ok, let's make this one quick.

First up, Al Harrington, JR Smith and Dahntay Jones play golf.

Now, Southern Cal's new Athletic Director stands among ill-gotten spoils.

Finally, Dwight Howard wins a game of keep-away against dozens of Taiwanese children.

Woo! Blogging!


  1. Harrington: Okay okay okay, I'll be Dwane. JR you be Lebron and Dahnty, you be Bosh. and Pose.

    #2: Letters missing from this carpet, UKA!

    #3: Ah Ah Ah! I didn't say Simon Says! Manager Leans over "Dwight, they don't speak english, they can't understand you"

  2. Right after this picture was taken Dahntay and Al started to kiss. Prompting JR to say:

    Y'all nig**'s is gay!!!!!