Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Afternoon Fun Bag!

I hope that I have this look on my face and am in this situation in the near future. Like, in twelve hours or so.


First up, staring contest. OKGO!

I know I said no more LeBron, but this is just too awesome. Hulk Hogan joining forces with the Outsiders should be taught in history books.

I laughed at this way too many times for a sane person.

Double KFC! What does it mean?

Double KFC Drive-Thru All the Way from Alex Blagg on Vimeo.

Once again. Laughed too hard at this for a sane person.

Don't ever mention Darko Milicic in the same sentence as Chris Webber. Least of all to his face.

And finally, the best 100 goals of the entire season. Shit yes.

OK. We're out of here. Do something meaningful. Because, you know...


  1. The guy in the first picture has the purest form of a "Oh hellz yeah" expression one can achieve.

  2. The only thing that could make it better is if he were wearing his fedora with bullets in it.

  3. Let's take a poll, Is the chick in that picture
    A: Completely Butt Ass Neked
    B: Friday night Club Clothes
    C: Under Garments
    D: Actually a dude with a wig

  4. Not a dude. Bitches love B-Diddy.