Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Nice Run USA, Now Let's Talk Football

The one interesting aspect of this season is that there is no REAL number one like we've had in the past. Most polls will come out with Alabama #1, which is understandable. The Sabanots return the Hesman Trophy winner along with a QB who proved that he can be more than adequate. The offense returns 8 including 3 OL and Julio Jones. The defense however returns 2 starters from last years insanity. And that's my point. Any other year Alabama would be a top 10 team in the preseason poll and they'll certainly challenge for the MNC but it's not like the Florida's, USC's, and UT's of past years.

Phil Steele has Oklahoma facing tOSU in the MNC. Which I guess on some level makes sense. Oklahoma has 8 returning on offense and 5 on defense. Landry Jones has a year under his belt, and Demarco Murray is a more than capable back. The defense is a little suspect, but teams have won MNC's with worse. tOSU has 9 on offense including Terrell Pryor and 6 on defense. Basically if tOSU can get through November when PSU comes to Columbus and a trip to Iowa the following week, they'll get a late poll surge and should be in the MNC.

Phil Steele is pretty bold with his picks, and these are certainly not my choices, but that's not the point.

The point is, this year we are talking Oklahoma and Ohio State in the MNC.

One team that will be in everyone's top 5 is Boise State, and rightfully so. I'll go in more in depth in my top ten countdown but here's a little preview. The team that beat the Pac-10 and MWC champion returns 10 starters on both sides and they play Virginia Tech early in the year. Virginia Tech has played 2 out of the last 3 MNC's early in the year, not to mention USC in 2004 AND Auburn in the same year. (Vacated wins or not, we lose to Champions like no other team)

Another example of this year's wackiness is the Heisman race. Obviously Ingram will be a favorite, but other than that we have the likes of Keenum, Mallet Pryor, Jones, Moore, and Ryan Mother Fucking Williams. Not exactly Tim Tebow, McCoy, and Bradford.

But just because we don't have 3 teams above the rest doesn't mean we won't see amazing football. Quite the contrary, I think this year could be great in terms of competitiveness and November games having major implications. Look at the ACC 5 teams have a legitimate shot at winning that, and since it's the ACC really the entire conference has a fighting shot. I for one think the SEC is going to be wacko this year, especially in the west. Even though you hate it, the Big Ten (11) could have some of the biggest impact games coming down the stretch.

If nothing else we can hope for more scandals.

It really reminds me of the 2007 year. Do you remember that. THAT was awesome, and the more controversy in CFB the more writing material we have here at GRH. Which is always a good thing nice.

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