Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Morning S--t Storm

So evidently one thing that is not affected by a recession is Beer.

Makes sense.

However, Congress now wants to pass a beer stimulus that would essentially redefine and remove taxes for smaller craft brewers.

Great now we'll create more beer snobs.

But it got me thinking what are some ideas in the sports world that can save our economy.

Now this thing is pretty wide open. It can range from the wacky and crazy, to the semi legitimate. Hell if you want to you can attach excel's and power points. I won't read them, but feel free.

Ok here's my idea.

BYOB games for baseball.

Here's the plan. Once a month teams will allow fans to bring in their own coolers for Saturday games. Basically, you would be able to bring in whatever you can stuff into a small size cooler, and for a small fee (think of it as a corking fee) you can drink your heart out. Now, If you take a larger cooler then you would have to purchase an extra seat next to you or your party for that cooler to "sit in" kinda like fat people on Airplanes.

The fee would have to be pretty hefty. I would probably take the average take on concessions per attendee and slap that shit on there. So overall this wouldn't really be a cost effective thing for the fan, however many idiots like myself would jump at the chance to drink cases upon cases at a Saturday ball game.

Will underage kids sneak in alcohol with coke bottles? Yes
Will it be a logistical shit storm? Yes
Are there certain legal liabilities that I chose to ignore? Absolutely.

But it would be awesome.

So let's hear your ideas.

Storm commence.


  1. Make colleges and universities pay their players. Kids in college with disposable income? You KNOW that those dollars are coming back into the economy.

  2. Let a fan play an inning in right field, or a couple minutes behind the arc in the hoopsgame. I wish there were a footballing equivalent that wouldn't involve leathal amounts of trauma, but thems the breaks.

  3. How about stadiums price food fariley and not charge y ou 10 bucks for an order of fries. I understand the economy of higher price = higher sailes especially where demand remains fixed (ie. Stadium size) but if you drop the price margin below 10,000% and make food affordable, don't you think more parents will buy ice cream for their kid, people will have fries on the side with their cheesesteak/burger?

    I dunno, to me it seems like the frequecny of purchase will make up the difference between a high price. (more people may be willing to come to games if they know they can afford shit)

  4. and yes, i said sailes. i'ts Monday. Gimme a break

  5. Stop selling beer before the game is over! For fuck's sake! The third quarter just ended and I can't buy any more booze! Even if the added half hour of drinking time leads me to fuck shit up, the arrest and subsequent court fees and fines will just give more money to the city the team plays in! Everybody wins!

  6. We could have a worldwide tournament of... oh... right. We did that.