Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It's almost time for tip-off!

That's right, it is. The NBA starts the 27th. Last year I posted a whole host of divisional previews. Six of them, to be exact. The year before that, I did a 30 reasons to watch bit. This year... well this year I was just completely unprepared. And by unprepared I mean that I get home from work and don't care to sit in front of this glowing rectangle much more. So this year, you'll get a bunch of quick hits of little observations that I make.

Today's thing that makes me happy? DeJuan Blair.

Yeah. Dude is right. The Spurs picked this guy up with the 7th pick in the second round. He only was the best player on the most consistently good team of last year. For real real.

He's kind of short. Sure he sort of had knee problems. But he was still stomping around and funking on fools! Fools named Hasheem Thabeet! Remember him? That 7'3" worm with a fat ass had nothing on DeJuan. DeJuan throws his own ass around like he means it.

DeJuan likes playing hoops. He has the footwork, plays with his shoulders all up in grills, and hops. Man I love seeing dudes like this get up. He's got the long-ass arms to cock it back, and he throws down with a WHOOSH. Promptly thereafter, he plummets back to earth, like a beanbag chair tossed from a balcony. Bankshot? Check. Jumpshot? Check. Post moves? Check. Free throws? Nope, but we forgive a lapse at the line when you get boards. Does he get boards? Well, in his first preseason game, he put up 16 points and 19 rebounds in 22 minutes.

/rubs eyes

19 BOARDS?! IN 22 MINUTES?! Must have been some no names guarding him.

//watches film

Nope, it was Chuck Hayes and Luis Scola. If you can play against those guys, you can play against most jabronies in the League. DeJuan got that work.

Long story short, the dude is like Jason Maxiell, except likeable, and with an offensive game. I call him the Loveseat. We'll see if it catches on. Oh, and follow him on twitter. Having a happy-go-lucky dude on your web page is way better than some cocky assbag.

So yeah. Number 45 has me excited for the season.


  1. I love dejuans game, I want to be like him.

  2. It actually looks like he trimmed down a bit. Maybe it's just the uniform.