Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Caption Contest!

Michael Cooper: "Way to go, Kobe, but we gotta go. The Michael Jackson movie premiere is across the street."


Magic Johnson: "Hey where all the white women at?"
AC Green: "No, Magic."


Kobe: "Hey did all you guys here? I'm the best player in the world! Maybe the best of all time!"
Michael Cooper, Magic Johnson, AC Green: "Riiiiiight."

From the Lakers ring ceremony last night. Enjoy.


  1. DFish: "Hey guys, it's me, Derek! Derek Fisher! I've won just as many championships as Kobe, remember?"

    All: "Get away from us."

  2. Robert Horry (not pictured): "Hey, where's Shaq? Has he dropped his new album yet?"

  3. Kobe: ...So Kobe's hitten that right, hitten it good too. And then, Magic you'll appreciate this, she asks if Kobe's was wearing a condom...

    Magic: And??...

    Kobe: Well you knows Kobe said yes but you knows Kobe was raw doggin that ho.

    Group: aWWW sHIIT nuKKA you crazy son

    Kobe: Haha you know how Kobe does it but right at that moment there's a noise at the door so Kobe shoots the J and jumps out the window qucik right...shh shhs chill nigga shshhsh

    You Lamar, what's good?