Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Caption Contest!

Michael Jordan: "Hey, what is this class again?"
Sam Perkins: "Human Sexuality 456."
Michael Jordan: "Oh hell yes."


Girl in the background: "Excuse me, do you mind if we trade seats? I can't see over you."
Jordan: "Sorry baby, I wanna LEARN."


Jordan: "You smooth, what are you going to spend your first million on?"
Perkins: "I'ma buy both these hos behind us something really nice."

Big Smooth and Money Mike in a classroom. All sorts of fun involved.


  1. (UNC hall of fame induction ceremony)

    You know, people always doubted me in my life. I remember this one sociology class. There was a girl who sat behind me, Sally Jenkins. Anyway on our first test professor Robinson gave Sally a better grade than me. For the rest of the class I wanted to prove that prof Robinson was wrong that he thought Sally was better than me. I wanted to prove to everyone that I was better than them and that nobody was as good as me.

    You might laugh but at 50 I might go back to that class to prove that I'm still the best.

  2. Big Smooth: I don't know who Turk Turkelton is but I feel like I would look like him right now....

  3. Sally Jenkins: Look at these tall guys. They are, like, totally tall.

  4. "Excuse me, are you Hootie?"

    /Jerry Maguire elitism

  5. Professor: "Michael, where do you see yourself in ten years?"
    Jordan: "I'm going to be the best player in the NBA."

    Professor: "Sam, same question."
    Perkins: "I'm going to be a bench player that shows up just to shoot threes. Oh, and I'm going to be really slow and fat."

  6. I'm Michael Jordan, yeah, I'm Michael Jordan. Hey hey hey hey hey I'm Michael Jordan.

    Little Rascals Elitism