Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Afternoon Fun Bag!

Ryan Leaf is ready to party, are you?

Ok first off, what the hell is the deal with young females and boys killing alligators?

New England Patriots: Fan's since 04

I never really got into the wonder years, but this pretty much sums it up.

I guess if the Olympics aren't going to be Chicago, Rio is a pretty baller place to have them. Let's just hope the athletes don't stray into the Favelas.

Ok. Football pump up videos are cool. but not when it's a serious attempt at a music video. A Christain rock football pump up music video is simply a recipe for disaster.

This is simply a giant shit stain on the great game of football. And to answer your question, NOBODY!!! may hit, run or tackle like the Eastside Catholic Crusaders, however it seems that Olympic and North Mason clearly do it better. Dumbass videos will give you a .500 record every time. These guys should take a note from...

The University of Alaska Fairbanks hockey team. Holy shit, I want this to play anytime I enter anything. I challenge anyone to find something not overwhelmingly awesome about this video.

Eastside Catholic take note: A cheap CGI hockey stick wielding polar bear flying through space destroying planets, satellites, galaxies and Sarah Palin's current town is how you make a pump up video.

Ok Hobbers bring it strong this weekend.

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